Newest Ghanaian joint, Lloyds Plaza has introduce the popular Cuban dance, Salsa which has gain a lot of popularity among the youth in Ghana especially in the Capital, Accra.


Starting on this Friday, 16th March 2012, inside the Lloyds club house located off the McCarthy Hill-Kasoa road, the Lloyds ‘Salsa-Zonto’ is officially going to be launched by the Chief Executive Officer of Lloyds Plaza, Mr. Kwaku Duah.


The dance which is more flirtatious and sensuous as dancers try to express their feelings through a series of movements that create indissoluble bonds between partners is believed to be of Spanish origin but gained it real popularity in the Caribbean Islands especially in Cuba.


Speaking to Mr. Duah on why the ‘Salsa-Azonto’, the shy looking gentleman said, “If you take a careful look at the salsa dance you will realize that there’s a lot of Azonto moves in it and since Ghana is known to be the power-house when it comes to Azonto we decided to fuse the two and its interesting to watch people do the Salsa-Zonto.


“When I went to London after the Christmas I saw the Azonto dance being done by the whites in so many ways and you can’t believe there are some clubs and pubs in UK where Azonto is actually taught”, Mr. Duah said.


“I remember my days in the university where a colleague of my won my dream lady just because he was good in dancing Salsa. It is really fun watching people do Salsa because it has a lot of stylish moves and the ladies are always showcased as the centerpiece of the dance which makes it more eye-pleasing”, Nana Ponty, a regular customer at Lloyds told


“For now I can boldly say I’m no more a minnow when it comes to Salsa and once it has been fused with our own door step dance which is the Azonto then I challenge the C.E.O of Lloyds to fly down some guests from the Caribbean to come for a battle but haven’t said that I think it is a nice concept which we the youth in and around McCarthy Hill are going to embrace it”, Ponty added.


According to the C.E.O, Mr. Duah the ‘Salsa-Zonto’ will soon become the talk of town and even cross borders to our neighboring countries and “like I keep saying, the year 2012 is certainly for Lloyds”, he said.


By: El-Amisty Nobo/Freelance Journalist.


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