Chide Lloyd arriving to Court today

Chide Lloyd arriving to Court today

 ? Case Adjourned To August 6

The leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Hon. Chdid Lloyd has appeared in court barely twenty four hours after the failure of the prosecution to present him in the same court, a Port Harcourt High Court presided by Justice L. L. Nyordee, saw his trial begin with his counsel alleging bias.

But on Wednesday, amid tight security within and outside the court premises, the House Leader, who was limping and was aided, entered the court room.

The plea for bail by his lead counsel, Beluolisa Nwofor (SAN) was countered by Donald C. Denwigwe (SAN) who led the Prosecution in the case.

Nwofor argued that Denwigwe was incompetent to stand for the prosecution as a civilian lawyer, pointing out that the law only allows Denwigwe to so prosecute for the police if he obtained a go ahead from the Attorney General of the State for a criminal matter concerning an alleged offence against the laws of Rivers State.

Denwigwe had countered that the Police Act allows anybody to prosecute for the police, but Beluolisa maintained that relevant provisions of the 1999 Constitution overrides the Police Act.

He also argued that the charges and plea would only be taken until the court rules on whether he Prosecution Counsel is competent as a civilian lawyer to stand for the police and whether the Attorney General can seize the case without charges read and the accused plea taken.

It was at this juncture that the state?s Attorney General, Worgu Boms, prayed the court to grant him the right to take over the case, based on the Section 211 of the Constitution, a request that the kicked against.

Justice Nyordee advised the parties to leave their arguments pending to allow the accused hear the charges and take his plea, and adjourned the case to 6th August for ruling on the arguments whether the Attorney General should take over or whether the prosecution should continue with the prosecution.

He also ordered Lloyd to remain in custody, a decision that did not go down well with his supporters and political associates who had stormed the court very early in the morning.


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