Lizzard and Stranger

Lizzard and Stranger

Young rapper Larry Lizzard is hopeful of making it on huge music platforms as MTV Base and Trace Urban with his new video for his song, ?Che kuley?.

?Our main target is the youth. We targeting to be on such platforms like MTV Base, Trace TV, Sound City and all TV stations in Ghana,? Manager Marshall told BEATWAVES.

The video which was shot in South Africa and directed by DJ Malonda and Turas was released on Youtube last month. It is currently showing across some Ghanaian TV stations.

?We are looking at picking awards all over Africa with the song and the video. Also, we have a new single coming soon titled, ?Maga Don Pay? which was also shot in South Africa with directors DJ Malonda and Turas on red camera just as ?Che Kuley?. We are receiving the best air time on TV for the first time and we want to thank everyone who is supporting Larry Lizzard. We will never let all of you down,? Marshall added.

Lizzard is the newest revelation from Nima to Ghana?s music industry. He is hopeful of being the latest addition to the list of artistes who have made a major breakthrough onto the music scene from Nima.

He has the energy to follow in the footsteps of the likes VIP who, after several years, is still rocking Ghana?s entertainment scene.

Lizzard, born Abdul-Rahman Larry, is making impact with his single, ?Che Kulley?, featuring Stranger of FOI. The song is produced by LLE Studio inside Adenta.

?It?s a song that advises ladies out there to stick to one man,? he told BEATWAVES month ago.

Lizzard partly grew up in Nima and Sweden. He started school from Victory International School then to 37 Military Training School.

By Francis Addo


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