Valdivia SanchezChileans have taken the day by bagging a three point in their opening match with Australia when they beat their opponent 3-1 goal points.

J. Valdivia?Sanchez has been lighting it up! He leads Chile to the top of the box, and just before the tackle comes in, he unselfishly squares to Valdivia, who smashes home from just inside the area! Fantastic!

Also, Alexis S?nchez ?made a?move started, and finished by the Barcelona star! With his back to goal in the box, he heels the ball to Aranguiz, who tangos past Ryan inside the area, clipping the ball back towards a briefly unguarded net. No Chilean can win the header, but the ball drops to Sanchez, who applies the finish!

The Chilean goals?sent the Chilean fans into a frenzy inside the stands. That’s some achievement, given that they were already making an almighty racket long before kickoff.

Australia battled hard and came close to claiming the three?point, but Chile simply had more in reserve in the end. After a rapidfire first half double from Sanchez and Vargas, la Roja were in dreamland, but Cahill’s towering header brought them back down to earth.

But luck is beginning to run out of Chile as the Australian team is moving up close with equalizing the goals. Australia equalized one goal of the two and are hoping to close the deal with more goals. But the Chileans seemed determined to take the game.

As at half time, the game between Chile and Australia remains a 2-1 thrash over Australia.


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