Life Transformers Foundation (LITRAF) on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 donated items to three institutions within the Madina La Nkwatanang and Adentan municipal assemblies. These institutions are the Madina Divisional Police Headquarters, Madina Polyclinic, Rawlings Circle and the Christ Foster Children’s Home, Frafraha, near Adentan.

3Receiving the items on behalf of the Madina, Polyclinic, Mr. Mr Yakubu Amidu, the Administrator of the clinic expressed his appreciation to Life Transformers Foundation (LITRAF) for their assistance to the polyclinic and urged other NGOs to emulate them. He also appealed to corporate entities to help construct a better Cholera Unit for the polyclinic to enable it to accommodate more sick people.

He said the cholera unit, which is a tent, was not only small for the number of cholera cases recorded by the hospital, but it also lacked the requisite logistics to enable it to function adequately.

Items donated to the polyclinic included three desktop computers and accessories, two swivel chairs, one washing machine, four dustbins, speakers, an HP printer and two executive office desks.

He also called on Government and corporate entities to assist the polyclinic with ultra-scan machines to enable them to check the heartbeat of babies in their mothers? wombs during antenatal care.

LITRAF also donated 50 bags of cement, 800 pieces of concrete blocks and pledged to further donate two trips of sand towards the construction of an accommodation for the officers of the Madina Divisional Police Headquarters.

Chief Superintendent Yakubu, who was on a mission in the Central Region when executives of LITRAF went there with the media through a phone call expressed his appreciation and also appealed to the general public to come and support them to put up a good housing system for officers.

The NGO also donated provisions, detergents, stationary, bags of rice, bag of gari, bags of sugar, cooking oil, among others, to the Christ Foster Children’s Home, Frafraha.

Mr Desmond Bress-Biney, President, Life Transformers Foundation, said the donation to the three institutions cost GHC20,000.00 and expressed his appreciation to philanthropists, and Solomon Adade Peasah who contributed towards making the donation to the institutions successful.

He said the NGO, which was formed four years ago, was geared towards making lives better for people by tackling unemployment, HIV education, sports development among others.









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