"Madam Abroquah testifying before the commission"

Madam Ernestina Abroquah, Managing Director of Litina Travel and Tours, is on the neck on Travel Matters, for the payment of $333, 500 as profit due her outfit after the 2014 Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) World Cup in Brazil.

"Madam Abroquah testifying before the commission"
“Madam Abroquah testifying before the commission”

According to Madam Abroquah, her outfit and Travel Matters came together to charter a flight from Ethiopian Airlines, to convey fans to Brazil with the intention of sharing proceeds after the project.

Madam Abroquah, who tendered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between her outfit and Travel Matters to the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Presidential of Inquiry, as evidence said, she has since made fruitless efforts to contact Ivan Cudjoe, the Chief Executive of Travel Matters.

?My Lord, Ivan does not pick my calls anymore since we returned from Brazil. His wife who was my mate in school and a director of the company is also not picking my calls.

?I have not received a penny from the job we did together with Travel Matters, because Ivan claims he filled the plane even though there was a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between us over sharing of profit,? Madam Abrokwah stated.

According to her, the total cost of hiring the three aircraft was $1.7 million and there was a projected gross of $620,000 to be shared between Travel Matters and Litina Travel Tours.

She explained that, her outfit was entitled to $333,500 from the gross profit, after payments of insurance, adverts and other expenses to bring the net profit to $573,000.

Justice Dzamefe, said, ?we will do our best to help retrieve every penny that is due you. ?I don?t have the power but it will be one of our recommendations that will be made to government after we have looked into the matter.?


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