Linford Boadu Asamoah
Linford Boadu Asamoah

Linford Boadu Asamoah, chairman of the Eastern Regional Football Association defeated a host of RFA chairmen contesting the 2 slots for the GFA Executive council position when he pulled a total of five votes to beat 7 other contestants.

By his election, Linford Boadu Asamoah will join Madam Habiba Atta on the executive council pending the remaining elections.

The other slot for the RFA’s on the executive council could not be elected after three rounds of elections failed to produce a winner.

Salifu Zida of the Upper Est and Robert Duncan of the Central region went three rounds tying at 4 votes each.

The GFA therefore called the elections off to reassemble on Friday October 25 for a final determination.


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