Lil Wayne & Drake Will Be On Wiz Khalifa Remix

While speaking to Cosmic Kev, Wiz Khalifa announces that he has an upcoming remix of ?Work Hard Play Hard? with none other than Lil Wayne and Drake.

Wiz Khalifa stopped by Power 99 to chop it up with Cosmic Kev, and the mood was light until the Taylor Gang rapper dropped a bomb on upcoming features to expect.   While making some jokes back and forth Wiz then talked about the success of ?Work Hard Play Hard?, and then threw in some info, ?also got a remix that I?m really really excited about.?

Cosmic Kev then got ?really excited? himself and pushed on the Pittsburgh-area rapper to divulge who was on the remix, ?nobody else knows nothing about this?I?ve come baring some great, wise words,? Khalifa said half-joking.

Finally, when asked point blank who was on the remix for the track, Wiz came clean and revealed that two massive names are attached, ?Chevy?s not on it, Chevy?s on the album?I went big for the remix?I went different than people usually expect from me.? Khalifa then joked how he used his ?rap powers? to get two of the biggest names in the game, Lil Wayne and Drake to jump on the remix, ?I usually don?t use my ?rap powers??and I talked to [Lil] Wayne and Drake.?



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