The fight goes on between Lil Wayne and Quincy Jones? son, Quincy Jones III (QD3) over the now infamous film The Carter Documentary.  Now a leaked tape featuring Lil Wayne clowning Quincy?s lawyer in more ways than one, making us wonder if he?s sticking by his probation rules and laying off the drugs and alcohol.

Lil Wayne is pissy that QD3, who is also the producer of the Beef series you see on Viacom channels, released a documentary featuring Weezy himself.  QD3 claims he had permission to follow Wayne for a year or so for footage.  But when Wayne saw the finished product, he didn?t like how he was made out to look?so he says.  So now, he says QD3 had no right to release the doc.

Here we are with a case to determine QD3’s rights.  And during a June 2012 deposition obtained by TMZ, Lil Wayne acted the fool when grilled by QD3’s lawyer, Pete Ross.  Ross asked semi-stupid questions, but likely just for procedural purposes.  And Wayne let dude have it.  He even kept saying he couldn?t recall anything about his own past arrests. Tunechi told Ross at the end that the judge ?can?t save him in the real world.?  Was that a threat Tunechi?


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