The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Technology on Tuesday cautioned Ghanaians to protect the environment by maintaining good sanitation conditions to prevent outbreak of diseases.wpid-yet-to-evacuated-deris-litering-the-road-640x480.jpg

Alhaji Zakari Musah, Public Relations Officer of the ministry said it is necessary to advise citizens to refrain from acts such as littering of the environment and other acts that could lead to diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and malaria.

He noted that refraining from such harmful acts could also help the government to save huge sums of money that are used to pay janitorial persons who clean the environment daily.

Speaking to GNA in an interview, he said the ministry has found out a strong gap between research and the market, hence a meeting between the sector and other research institutions including University of Ghana, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Ghana Atomic Energy in about two months ago.

He explained that the meeting was for researchers to come together and create one body as an Apex entity of researchers which would oversee research activities in the country and where it would be possible for researchers to get assistance and financial aid in the course of their work.

Mr Musah said since science and technology is the bedrock for development in every country, it is necessary for the nation to strengthen it to ensure continuity in developmental projects.

He said President John Dramani Mahama has launched an environmental and natural climate change policy to ensure effective ways on how to handle environmental issues.

Ms Winnifred Nafisa Mahama, Principal Information Officer, Public Relations Unit of the Ministry of Finance told GNA in an interview that the sector has not been receiving Christmas presents from people even before government placed an embargo on it.



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