Ghanaian school boy 12, and initiator of the Save Somali Children From Hunger Project and ACCORD?GIRL CHILD SOLDIER ERADICATION AMBASSADOR FOR AFRICA, Andrew Adansi Bonnah?said he was unable to attend the funeral ceremony of the late Prime Minister Zenawi of Ethiopia due to an equally important national blood donation exercise that begun 1st?September in Accra.


Young Andrew who joined his young colleagues and children in Africa last week to pay tribute to the late Prime Minister said Mr. Zenawi was a true African nationalist who believed in the spirit of Pan-Africanism. According to Andrew, he recalls very well of his last encounter with him at the African Union Pledging Conference for Somalia barely a year ago in Addis Ababa, where they exchanged pleasantries and had a bilateral talk.


?The very fond memories that runs through my mind was when I congratulated him for receiving and taking good care of refugees from Somalia in his country during the food crisis? Andrew remarked. ?Again, I remember when there was a hit in discussions during the fund raising exercise for relief items at the AU Pleading Conference for Somalia when he gave a brilliant speech on the need for Africans to make decisions on their own? Andrew has said.


Ambassador Andrew has also stated that indeed ?African has lost an illustrious pan African and a caring leader?.???The peace and legacy he left in Ethiopia and Africa should be the cornerstone for advancing Africa?s development since Addis Ababa is the hub of Africa, hence a concern to African Leaders, sons and daughters of our great continent? Bonnah appealed to Africans.


Adansi Bonnah has therefore thrown a challenged to sitting African leaders and aspiring ones to put Africa and her children first before any other motive since it is their legacies that will be remembered for. “Africa is for Africans so therefore should be capable of managing our own affairs” Andrew has said.


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