Towards the end of last year, Liberty once again crowned and celebrated the
academic achievement of another crop of learners who successfully completed a learnership programme with the company

unnamed (2)In her speech at the graduation, INSETA?s CEO, Sandra Dunn, told the graduates, ?You now have an occupational competence that is recognised anywhere in SA.?


That is indeed good news, not only for the learners, but for companies (especially those in the insurance industry) who need people with the right competencies to help them realise their objectives.

Dunn also stressed the importance of the learners? achievements when she said, ?But, we do not want you to settle for qualifying with this occupational competence. Class of 2014, we?re very proud of your achievement and look forward to you achieving even greater heights. Your future is indeed very bright! I encourage you to grasp all the opportunities that come your way with both hands. The best way you can demonstrate your appreciation to all those, especially Liberty, who have invested in your personal development, is to set the bar even higher and stretch yourself to fully realise your potential.?

Companies like Liberty?s role in helping young people realise their full potential is
phenomenal, especially when one reviews the company?s learnership pass rates and
retention rates over the past few years.

Liberty delivers impressive Learnership pass rates and retention rates

Liberty has done amazingly well to retain learners as temporary or permanent employees, averaging a retention rate of 64% since 2005 (excluding 2014). This means that since the inception of the programme, on average Liberty has placed six out of ten learners in a decent job.

The company has a rigorous recruitment and selection process. The entrance criteria for the programme are:

1. Appropriate Matric results that meet the qualification requirements
2. Skills and Attitude – Good communicator (written and verbal) and numeracy skills
3. During the panel interview stage, Liberty managers look for individuals who
are proactive; determined; and willing and eager to learn.

Liberty?s Learner Completion and Retention as of January 2015

Liberty Learnership Programme ?05 ?06 ?07 ?08 ?09 ?10 ?11 ?12 ?13 ?14
Upon commencement of the programme 70 112 88 75 120 120 120 120 122 147
Successful completed the qualification 67 109 85 72 118 117 104 114 119 133
Number of learners employed 41 71 79 47 62 73 48 42 83 42
Retention Rate* 61% 65% 93% 65% 53% 62% 46% 63% 70% 32 %

*The retention rate of learners increases monthly until mid year, which explains the relatively low 32% for 2014 which is the rate as it was recorded on 12 January 2015. The retention rate increases continuously. For instance, the rate for the previous year was 70% in July!

Top learner of Class of 2014 explains how it?s done

?Perseverance, hard work and overcoming resistance are what you need to achieve
the highest accolades,? says Lasborn Ndhlovo, who outperformed his peers in
Liberty?s 2014 Learnership Programme.

?it?s all in your attitude,? explains Ndhlovo who had no work experience prior to
qualifying for the Learnership, but was arned with a three year IT Diploma he earned
through the University of Johannesburg.

?You need a great attitude to get ahead, both in the academic world and the world of

He has great plans for the future, and one has no doubt that he will realise all his
dreams. One of his first objectives is to qualify as a Senior Business Analyst ? he
currently fills the role of Junior Process Modeler at Liberty, tasked with the job of
assessing clients? risk areas with regard to complying with the ?Protection of Personal
Information Act?, also known as POPI.

In the light of Ndhlovo?s achievement and his ?pearls of wisdom?, It?s apt to conclude with Dunn?s closing remarks of her speech:

?I trust I?ve convinced you that you can be extraordinary ? it?s a conscious decision you have to make. I would like to conclude with a quote from Mahatma Ghandi:

?Consciously or unconsciously, everyone of us does render some service or another. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and it will make not only for our own happiness, but that of the world at large.??


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