Letter To Zezemuze-part 9

kdZezemuze can you ever stop weeping. I have not stopped since Saturday. I got the sad news while I was behind my laptop working on an article about a lecture by a Space Expert from IE University in Spain to young Ghanaian Enterpreneurs. The idea of bringing a Space Expert to lecture on leadership, business and enterpreneurship in Africa was to help young African Enterpreneurs to dream bigger and higher and broaden their visions.

Zezemuze, all the ideas for that article vanished from my head instantly. And l have not been able to go back to it since. That was how hard l was hit by the news of Dumor’s demise. I got a call from one of my staff members. I did not believe the news so l called a very, very, very close pal of Komla, Samuel Attah-Mensah. He did not let me say a word. He said in Ga “Sammy it is true…it is true…it is true…my battery is going off lets talk later”. Zeze, that was my day destroyed right there. It was my dad’s birthday and we were having lunch at my brother’s. The party was over. That is the worth of a man who touched the entire world with his integrity, skill, intelligence, humility, confidence, generosity, wit, humor and more on the world stage.

Zeze, it struck me there and then that there was no need for the article l was doing because speaking of African youth dreaming bigger, we probably did not need a lecture by a Spaceman to dream bigger. Komla Dumor represented for the African youth enough motivation for them to dream big and take those giant steps to achieve higher things.

The West would always think of Africa as a continent of non-thinkers. But a few Africans would always be at the forefront of the battle to give Africa a better identity on the world stage. And Ghana can boast of producing a few of those war front Generals. Very easy to remember Kofi Annan and a certain Komla Dumor, plus a others in between.

Komla wrote on his own Facebook wall how he ignored his own health risks and often volunteered to stand in for his “white” colleagues at BBC. And he gave a reason for that Zeze, – “l kept smiling and pushing on to present better and to engage with my audience and increase my following.” Right from his days at Joy FM, everything Dumor did was about his audience and never about himself. Whatever his benefits were, was just reward for providing very powerful and impactful solution to millions around the world.

Zeze,Dumor knew he was risking it and pushing the limits. He admitted to nearly getting a stroke last year but for God’s Grace. But he knew he could not fail on that world stage because he was representing that entire African continent and he needed to fight harder to win that identity war. He was driven by the commitment to give Africa a new and positive ID on that stage. And he was doing it big time, and at a very fast pace too.

Zeze, Ghana had had several of its sons and daughters at the BBC. But only one stood out this big. There was Ben Dotse Malor (now Head of Communications at Flag Staff House), Elizabeth Ohene (one time Presidential Spokesperson) , Kwaku Sakyi-Addo (now CEO of Telecoms Chamber), Ben Ephson (Publisher, Daily Dispatch), my classmate Vera Kwakofi who is now Editor with BBC Network Africa, Akwasi Sarpong, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, Saani Daara and many more. But there was only one who became THE FACE OF BBC WORLD. The Boss Player Komla Dumor. All the rest were pretty much on BBC Africa. And they did great while they lasted at the BBC. But the average Ghanaian may not associate them with BBC. Even folks on the streets of Fankyeneko know there is a certain Ghanaian called Komla Dumor at BBC.

As we always say, we want him but God wants him more. But Zeze, in the spirit of Dumor’s wit and natural ability to create humor, l am told Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is recruiting a team on the other side to provide better governance for Africa from the terrestial realm. Madiba found Dumor worthy to be Minister of Information in his terrestial government. I am confident that team would have turned the fortunes of Africa round if only it was real.

It is a big loss Zeze, but we can smile in hope that at the turning of eternity we shall meet loves ones like Dumor again.
RIP the Boss Player.

By Samuel Dowuona


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