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Music Therapy Can Help Young Cancer Patients

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Talent is one of the numerous gifts God has given to Ghana at no cost. Music and creativity is one of a kind we can boast of as a nation. Just like any other precious gift in one?s possession, the way you handle and go about it?your talent for it to?become fruitful to you and the entire generation is relevantly important.

Youngsters made their own music video to show family and friends
Youngsters made their own music video to show family and friends

In desperate attempt to get into the mainstream of the industry, budding talents mixed up their fortunes . Most of them are as a result of ignorance and the failure to learn. The music industry does not have structures that can guide up and coming ones on what it takes to become a ?successful musician?.

However, I want to use this medium to alert you on some of the things you should highly consider whiles trying all means to climb to the top. They are not principles, but very principle in practice. They are inevitable in the line of career.

First of all,?Just like every trade, you need to discover your musical strength. There are several genres in the world but what you want to pursue must be your priority. In the past, we have had instances where some musicians came into the industry as ?Hiplife? musicians and ended up being ?Reggae/Dancehall? musicians. Some also came in as ?Hip-hop??artistes and ended up being ?Highlife? musicians,obviously because they didnt know their strength at the time or probably they just followed the trend at the time.

Let the music community know what you represent. I mostly ask myself if the latest crop of musicians mentor anybody at all. It looks like complacency and ?I know it all? spirit is the driving force. Veterans are archaic in the eyes of the young ones.

The system has evolved but that does not mean their credibility and potentials should be underrated. Young chaps have to change their perception about the old folks and tap knowledge from their experience. Computer and money is not everyone. You need to be groomed.

Branding is very crucial and important. Just like a product going for sale, the way you package yourself determines what you are really worth. Most people do not consider this. So they normally sort to publicity stunt or take undue advantage of people?s hard won reputation to get the popularity.?Music is a trade, it needs a strong and dynamic team to work around the clock for the better.

Also, most musicians do not know the essence of the publicist, business manager, costumier, etc in terms of building their musical brand. The paradigm has shifted. Music in the twenty first century has taking a different dimension. Record labels are interested in business oriented musicians to work with. Cooperate bodies are going after an artiste with a huge fan base to work with.

As an up and coming talent, consider this in? anticipation of a greater impact in your career.

Source?Afia English


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