Prof Emmanuel Agbozo, Leader of the Evangelical Society of Ghana (ESG), has said there

was a divine call from God requesting his people, including Chiefs, politicians

and the church, to come together to build a new Ghana.

GhanaThis new Ghana, he said, must begin with the pulling

down of systems, structures, tools and weapons of division,

disunity and destruction in all sectors.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the 40 years of

the existence of the ESG on the theme: ‘Let Us Build Our Country, ‘

Prof Agbozo said there were two dimensions to the building


He explained that the first one was the re-ordering

of church mission and service position, and placing in national

affairs, so as to give Jehovah God the rightful place, honour and

glory in the nation.

The second dimension, he said, was the re-ordering of

the spiritual political, economic, social and cultural arrangements

for the furtherance of national development, progress, prosperity

and well being, happiness and joy of the people.

He said the new Ghana of divine heritage of glory

was to be built as a country of one God, one people and one nation

of divine heritage, and destined glory in the kingdom of God and

his Christ in Africa and the world.

In this building process, the chieftaincy

institutions must be relieved from defilement by the people with

personal imperialistic tendency, disposition and ambition.

There should be the breakdown of denominational

walls, disunity, competition and non-co-operation systems and

structures in the church.

He said political parties, politicians and public

servants also needed to embrace the spirit of unity, nationalism,

loyalty and dedicated service to the nation, and the people which

must be seen as the prime purpose and rationale for politics,

business enterprise, national service, life and conduct by all.

Prof Agbozo said the old Ghana had deliberately

rejected the knowledge of God, his truth, law and light that

cherish, promote and honour divine values and standard of conduct

for peace, righteousness and justice, freedom and liberty, progress

and prosperity for the nation and the people.

He recounted that Ghana made steady progress at

the beginning of nationhood under divine hand and global goodwill

until 1960 when Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah-CPP government overturned

the divine Christian heritage and launched the country on a Satan-

man, atheistic, humanistic- scientific, socialist and Africa

idolatrous one party state path.

He said the overthrow of Nkrumah CPP-one party

socialist state was the beginning of the divine wrath, judgment and

moves to redeem the nation from the Satan-man, kingdom glory

arrangement and part of glory for the nation.

‘It is for this reason that God has set out to

restore the nation onto her Christian roots for divine Godly

government and Kingdom glory in Africa,’ Prof Agbozo concluded.

Source: GNA/


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