It’s quite time we opened our eyes, those in government and out of government have been getting more than they deserve to the detriment of all us citizens of this nation.

All the luxuries accorded to presidents,former presidents,ministers and former ministers and even MPs are very outrageous.
For you to put your self forward for public service obviously means you know you have been able to make it in life; you are a person of good standing(physically,mentally and financially) and therefore would want to extend your experience for the progress of our nation but not to come and enrich and loot state properties for ourselves and live in profusion.

What will be the future of this nation should past and current governments continue to apportion state properties amongst themselves when they are leaving office? Come to think of it,what are those huge non-taxable salaries used for? As a president or minister of state your welbeing is catered for by state.

The citizens are suffering and politicians continue to deceive them, win power and loot their toils. The president takes a colossal non-taxable pay of GHS 22000 (220 000 000 old cedis) the former president John Mahama’s monthly salary is pegged at a whooping GHS 19000(190 000 000 old cedis). It is those taxes imposed on the meager salaries of lower public workers and private enterprises and other government revenues which could have undertaken lots of tremendous developmental works for our nation that is ending up in the pockets of those greedy politicians.

I was highly disappointed when I read on the news that former president John Dramani Mahama refused to vacate the resident designated to
house vice presidents; which he has been living in from the time he was vice president under the late president Mills till now because he asked for it as part of his package and it was approved, yet it has led to a scandal which could have been avoided.

I want to ask is the former president telling us that before he became president he had no home? All those huge salaries he received first as an mp, deputy minister and a substantive minister, Vice president and president is not enough for him to get a house of his own.

Why do politicians after serving the nation want to covet state properties? I supported the former president in his bid for a second term but asking for the abode that housed previous vice president be made part of your retirement package gives me lots of ideas about him,to me it’s a wrong move.

All of us Ghanaians especially the youths must arise otherwise before it gets to our turn to take up the mantle of leadership the current leaders would have finished sharing all official buildings amongst themselves, which will later belong to their families when they are have departed from this world and it will be too late for all the wrongs to be reversed.

May God have mercy on us!

By: E. R. Boateng Hope


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