The Bishop of the Cape Coast Diocese of the Anglican Church, Rt. Rev. Daniel Sylvanus Adotei Allotey, has advised political party activists against taking a partisan stance in the fight against corruption in the country.

According to him, the practice where members of some political parties quickly jumped to the defence of their party members alleged to have engaged in corrupt practices had the tendency to derail efforts towards dealing decisively with corruption.

He stated that the level of corruption in the country from the grass roots up to those in higher authority could only be dealt with if Ghanaians put a stop to the partisan approach when discussing issues of corruption.

He noted that what is wrong is wrong and should not be condoned and that instances where loyalists of people alleged to have engaged in some corrupt deals justify the alleged acts, is an impediment in the fight against corruption in the society.

Rt. Rev. Allotey gave the advice last Sunday in Cape Coast in an interview with the Daily Graphic on the side lines of the Episcopal ordination and consecration of Rt. Rev. Dr Victor Reginald Atta-Baffoe as the Bishop Coadjutor of the Cape Coast Diocese of the Anglican Church.

He indicated that it was unacceptable to blame previous and present governments as well as point accusing fingers at each other, adding that when this continued, it would defeat measures being put in place to tackle corruption in the society.

Bishop Allotey cited instances where some workers asked for offers before doing the work they were paid to do and added that if one refused to kowtow to such demands, one may not receive the best of service.

He explained that a strong crusade should be embarked upon by the government and other anti-corruption institutions and civil society organisations to fight corruption.

He said this could only be achieved when our minds were reoriented since corruption was gradually becoming a way of life in the country.

Approach to fight corruption

He called for a bottom-up approach in the fight against corruption where it is tackled effectively from the grass roots up to those in higher authority, adding that people became corrupt from the grass roots, which makes it very difficult for them to stop when they get to the top.

He stressed that the grass-roots members are not honest and always demanded offers from those seeking political power before voting for them and stated that if such demands were not stopped, those in authority would continue to engage in corrupt practices in order to satisfy these insatiable demands.

He added that such a practice had prevented most honest people from being elected into leadership positions since they could not shower gifts on the electorate to get them elected into office.

He was optimistic that the country could move forward when corruption is nibbed in the bud and government? must show greater determination in the fight against it in all sectors of the economy.

Advice to the media????????????????????????

He advised the media to see corruption as a national issue and? play the pivotal role in exposing corrupt practices wherever they emanate from.
Bishop Allotey cautioned the media against partisanship.This is the case when the media is used to defend individuals alleged to have engaged in corrupt deals.


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