On Proposed Installing Prepaid Meters At The Presidency.


Let us pay attention to the advice given by fellow Ghanaians without considering the?? political parties? ideologies or ethnic groups they belong. Hate him or like him one person who must be taken serious among other Ghanaians out there? is Mr. K Tahir Hammond this time ?not on the controversy surrounding? the drill ship but his opposition to the proposed installation of the pre paid meter at the presidency. Mr. Hammond hit the nail right bin the head when he cried loudly against the proposal. I do support him and I know many people do that there is no need for the presidency the flag staff house? to be put on? life support? called pre paid meter. It may sound good but difficult to implement.? Considering experiences gained by users of the system the pre paid meter is not a good option for the presidency and sensitive government offices

Former Deputy Energy Minister, whose statement was aired on radio xyz, described as ?dangerous? any attempt to put the Flagstaff House on prepaid meters as part of austerity measures to cut down wastage in the use of power at the presidency.

?Nobody should risk the security of the Presidency by suggesting that it should go on pre-paid meters?, the Adansi Asokwa Legislator warned.

Mr. Hammond also said a directive by the President for all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to be put on pre-paid meters should be scrapped because it is ?bad and counter-productive?.

The president?s directive is aimed at controlling wastage of power in the MDAs while encouraging efficient use of energy.

It is also meant to help the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) recover most of its money from the MDAs.

However, Mr. Hammond told Parliament Tuesday that since ?it takes too long for funds to be released by the treasury at the MDAs?, the policy could end up affecting productivity.

He warned that the situation could even lead to a complete shutdown of the MDAs since ?Chief Directors go through hell to get monies for their activities?.

When one considers what Mr. Hammond said regarding the installation of prepaid either way especially on security and it makes sense. As a patriot one must consider Mr. Hammond as patriotic who is sympathetic to the cause of the presidency especially the president and his workforce

There is nothing wrong in pursuing a process of cutting down on excessive use of electricity in the presidency and other sensitive government establishments.? That can be done by assigning some officials to monitor the use of electricity in the presidency. These officials would be made to regulate the use of power to reduce power consumption.


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