A retired educationist has called on Ghanaians to respect the elderly and
the leaders of the nation and avoid the insults.
Mr Kwame Atta-Amofa, the educationist, said the political leadership needs to be encouraged and supported to carry through its socio-economic development agenda to make things better for all.
He described as totally unacceptable the disrespect some people continue to show towards the Presidency in particular and said this must stop.
The right to free speech, he said is not a license to denigrate others with impunity and careless abandon.
Mr Atta-Amofa was addressing some selected pupils at a day’s sensitization seminar to mark this year’s Citizenship Day,” at the Adum Presbyterian Primary School in Kumasi.
The event, organized under the auspices of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), was
meant to assist the children to have a better understanding and appreciation of their civic responsibilities to become good citizens.
He advised the youth to be law-abiding and stay away from social vices, likely to put them into trouble and wreck their future.
Mr Kwaku Appia-Kagyah, Kumasi Metropolitan Director of the NCCE, stated that the celebration of the “Day” is significant, in that, it aims at helping the citizenry to be conscious of their rights and responsibilities.
“It is by so doing that they would be able to contribute meaningfully to the national development
He encouraged the people to be patriotic and do away with anything that could undermine the nation’s progress.
He said there was the need for all to maintain good environmental sanitation practices.
Mr Emmanuel Edmund Premoh, a Welfare Officer, asked the youth to uphold the values of hard work, integrity and self-discipline.



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