Reverend Father David Akurikiya, a Priest at the Saint Cyprian Anglican Church, on Sunday charged the congregation to commit themselves to building the church in fulfilment of God’s assignment to win souls.

“We have an assignment as Christians to build his church. Let us be Paul to build and not Saul to destroy,” he said.

Rev. Akurikiya said this at the Saint Luke Anglican Church at Sherigu, an out station in the Bolgatanga Municipality.

“As Christians if we fail to honour our assignments to win souls for Christ, we cannot justify our being as Christians and be proud as such”.

The Priest encouraged members of the congregation not to look at their situation and feel hopeless but must have faith and build on their relationship with God.

He indicated that Paul (Saul) was rebooked by God to have a change of heart from bad to good and that “it behoves on every Christian to sincerely and honestly repent of every sin and reconcile with the Creator”.

Rev. Akurikiya advised members of the congregation to avoid gossiping about their fellows who have repented and decided to have a changed life and committed to the works of God.

Reverend Father David Akurikiya
Reverend Father David Akurikiya

He reminded them to appreciate what God does in their lives by reciprocating in service to humanity, adding that the “selection of the apostles is a clear manifestation of willingness to do God’s work without complaints”.

“You must be a John, James, Paul and Andrews to commit your life to do God’s work”

Rev. Akurikiya said most Christians were either afraid or shy to do God’s work and that once one got committed to serving Christ, he or she was covered by the spirit and could not be harmed by any spirit of darkness.

He called on the congregation to begin the assignment by speaking the word to the closest persons around them, especially from their homes and neighbourhoods, and endeavour to encourage one another to be strong in the faith.



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