Nollywood actor Chinedu ?Aki? Ikedieze has dispelled the on-going rumours about his wife delivering a child.

Not long ago, rumours surfaced that his wife had delivered a baby after a picture of Aki holding a young baby hit the internet.

The actor is not particularly happy with the news, and he wants rumour peddlers to mind their business.

?Pregnancy? Na wah o! They should leave us alone, won?t we settle down first before making babies. Please they should leave us alone to enjoy our marriage. Everybody knows my wife graduated from a fashion school a couple of weeks ago. Did she look pregnant or was she like a nursing mother??, Aki says.

Aki?s wife Nneoma graduated fom the Needlecraft Couture Fashion School in July 2012. After the graduation photos hit the web, some suggested that Nneoma was pregnant.

The actor however goes on to explain that the controversial photo was taken way back in 2008 and that the baby belongs to a fan of his.

?Yes, the photo is mine but it was taken in 2008 with a fan?s baby. I don?t know why it is now being recycled. I honestly don?t know the intention and plan of those who are sharing the photo?, he added.

Aki and his wife Nneoma Nwaijah tied the knot in November 2011.


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