The Founder of the Church of Pentecost Revival Prayer Centre, Elder Paul Antwi, has urged the clergy to use the pulpit to inspire hope and confidence in the people but not for the pursuit of personal economic gain.


He said those out there seeking material wealth for their comfort, convenience and self gratification should rethink their motives.
As Ministers of God, they are enjoined to preach the gospel to bring salvation and help people to reconcile and to be at peace with their creator.
Elder Antwi was speaking at a service held at the church?s auditorium to mark its 15th Anniversary at Adadientem in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality.
Intercessory prayers and thanksgiving for God?s favours over the period formed the main highlight of the event.
Elder Antwi reminded Christians to lead pious lives to become positive influence on the society, saying, they should not only profess to be followers of Christ but reflect ?Christ-like qualities?.
Elder Antwi urged political leaders to put the welfare of those they were leading ahead of self-serving agenda.
They should be transparent, accountable and live up to the expectation of the people.


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