Usually Political pressure groups with affiliation to political parties turn to go extinct when their affiliated party wins election and form government. But pressure group Let My Votes Count Alliance (LMVCA) has said going extinct is not an option as the group will soon embark on massive national recruitment exercise in order to attain nationwide coverage. Speaking exclusively to Onua Fm, Ibrahim Adjei spokesperson of Let My Votes Count Alliance noted that the group will also keep the new government on its toes, holding the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and his cabinet accountable for every penny of taxpayers’ money spent.

“We are still going to do what we stand for. We are not going to be like some other pressure groups whose members after being rewarded with political appointment, went to sleep, and pretended they did not see the rot in the past government. Those people became spokesperson for the NDC government fighting over media recognition just to catch the attention of the then President. We will not go extinct”

Let My Votes Count Alliance (LMVCA) gained currency after the 2012 general elections when the group protested vehemently after that year’s elections over what the group considers as ‘irregularities and massive cheating’ during the polls. LMVCA held several demonstrations across the country, notable among such demonstrations was the one held in Accra with the intent of mounting pressure on the EC to prepare a new register which saw over thousand people in attendance. However what promised to be a peaceful event turned violent after the police started firing tear gas at the demonstrators, whipping ‘recalcitrant’ demonstrators which resulted in several sustaining injury.

But Ibrahim Adjei posited that “we have resisted and survived undue pressure from the security services to break our front but they did not succeed and no force can stop us now” He maintained that, although some of the front runners of the LMVCA belong to the NPP which forms government now, the group will not hesitate to hold press conference to point out any wrong they detect.

“Yes David Asante, John Hall and I are members of the NPP but we will critique when necessary and commend when it is right because not all members of the group are NPP members. That is why we want to get a lot of youths from across all party fronts involve so that we will become not just a movement but a force, ensuring that all processes regarding elections in Ghana are protected” LMVCA spokesperson asserted.

By: Bright Dzakah


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