Are you so disturbed about what?s happening to you?

Let it go and focus on the next opportunity for thus how life is.

When the people around live you,

Let them go for they have contributed their quota to your life story

When they away from you,

Let them go since your are not meant to be together for long.

Are you jobless or wondering how to further you education whiles there is no help?

Let it go is the only tool needed in ensuring you into another world of hope.

Challenges may come to your door steps like a thief in the night,

When they come, let them go for it did not come to stay.

Is your life static?. enjoy it with patience,

Let it go, for no condition has been made permanent.

At times those who turn to love end up hating others.

Let such anger go and wait for the right moments.

Are you broken ?hear ted, single or yet to get married?

Don?t let such feelings hurt you rather let it go and believe that God created everything in pairs not in isolation.

In this world some will love others may hate you,

Reciprocate the love and let go those who hates you.

Are you married, dating or in courtship?

You need to let go the past memories and celebrate what you have now than involving a third party.


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