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Lenovo?s WRITEit, an innovative new software application that improves and makes the handwriting experience on select pen-enabled devices better has been launched.

Lenovo is the world's third-biggest personal computer maker

Lenovo is the world’s third-biggest personal computer maker

Lenovo?s WRITEit transforms pen writing to a truly useful, practical solution for entering input and allows users to write nearly anywhere they can type.

It works across select Lenovo Windows? 8 devices with digitizer, active pen or AnyPen technology and provides real-time feedback and correction.

All these advantages encourage more opportunities for users to write with a pen rather than type on a keyboard, giving them a continuous, faster and more accurate experience.

Freedom to Write Nearly Anywhere

Unlike the handwriting experience on many devices today, WRITEit lets users write their input directly into virtually any text field that accepts typed input, even if the field is in an app without native pen support.

This capability takes handwriting from a limited, app-specific novelty to a truly viable means of input. WRITEit opens up a world of new writing possibilities beyond typical note-taking and drawing apps.

For example, users can write search terms directly in a browser to quickly search the web instead of using the on-screen keyboard. WRITEit also works well for emails, social media, online forms and more.

WRITEit Right

WRITEit works in the background as users are writing and converts handwriting to text characters in real time.

Speedy writers will love the automatic suggestion tool that offers alternatives to unrecognized words, helping to catch typos and getting text right the first time. A collection of gesture commands also makes editing easy.

Vice President, Ecosystem and Monetization Business Group, Lenovo, Mr. Mark Cohen said, ?While touch technology has fundamentally changed the way consumers use their PCs and other devices today, handwriting technology has lagged behind, until now with WRITEit. Users told us they wanted a more natural, intuitive and accurate handwriting experience, and that?s exactly what WRITEit delivers?.

Lenovo is a $39 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial, and enterprise technology.


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