Lenovo Workshop
Lenovo Workshop

The workshop was also to position the brand as a lead player in the ICT era in the long-term in the African market.

Lenovo Workshop
Lenovo Workshop

Julian Pienaar, Solution Architect, Lenovo Africa, in a presentation, said investment in computers must be made with the view to ensure that they last at least three years, as costs is increasingly going up.

“Lenovo has come to the market with very fine and solid smart computers, keeping in mind that technology is very fast changing and is a high pace industry, so one has to make the right decisions because it costs a lot of money,” he said.

“Overall, all that we want to say is that, we’ve got products and we’ve got our enterprise service available as well, to manage the back-end of the business. We can store your information and create cloud computing and all those kinds of stuff,” Mr Pienaar said.

He said Lenovo is ready to offer companies an interim solution, basically from the personal computers and laptop side through to storage in the cloud.

Mr Pienaar said the market at the moment is really tough as companies generally don’t have the finance capital to purchase outright and credit is very scarce whiles the fluctuation in the currencies are forcing investment and technical officers to restructure and make their budgets work.

He said Lenovo was looking at leasing, where instead of buying computers outright, companies would purchase it over a period of time and move the expense to the operational budget instead of the capital budget.

“At the moment we have started leasing in two African countries, as bigger organisations are now looking at the leasing option to be able to buy personal computers,” he said.

He noted that the company is growing with special focus on technology. “It is really big in China because they had their root in China for a very long time.”

Lenovo is a global player in terms of mobile phones, tablets, PCs and gaming machines, and is also developing ground breaking technology.

Lenovo started in China in 1984 and is now a global company in more than 160 countries worldwide and employing about 60,000 workforce.

Source; GNA


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