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Just 2.9 percent of total domestic tourism expenditure in Ghana is spent on leisure, recreation and holiday tourism, a report by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS)said here on Wednesday.

In 2015, the survey carried out by the GSS as part of the Ghana Living Standards Survey indicated that Ghanaians spent a total of 689.4 million dollars or 185.2 million US Dollars (One US Dollar was equivalent to 3.77 Ghana cedis in November 2015 when the survey was concluded) on domestic tourism.


“Out of this amount, domestic tourists visiting friends and family spent 29. 6 percent; funeral expenditure represented 24.3 percent, and business expenditure accounted for 25.3 percent,” Baah Wadieh, Acting Government Statistician, disclosed.

He said the three categories also represented the three main purposes (89.2 percent) for travel expenditure in Ghana.

The report also listed the demand for transport services by domestic tourists as the highest (47.8 percent) among all their demands, followed by shopping (21.3 percent), while Food and beverages came third (18.9 percent).

“These three categories of tourism products accounted for 87 percent of total tourism expenditure,” he added.

On the other hand, 296.9 million cedis or 78.7 million dollars (November 2015 exchange rate) was spent by outbound tourists who travelled outside Ghana for tourism purposes.

Education and training accounted for 53.9 percent of this expenditure, while religion and pilgrimage received 16.5 percent out of that expenditure, with 13.37 percent going into visiting friends and relatives, while funeral tourism received the least expenditure at 0.9 percent.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism directly contributed 2. 62bn cedis (727m dollars) accounting for three percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP) in 2013. Enditem

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