wpid-fireservicevehicle303104130.jpgBy A A Yayra

Following our front page publication on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 headlined ?No Fire Tender At Legon Station-whiles regional fire commander habor four tenders? the office of The Al-Hajj has been furnished with documents by the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Commander of the Ghana National Fire Service,? ACFOP. K. Donkor suggesting that steps are being taken to remedy the situation.

Though all the documents indicated that the Legon station has been operating without a fire tender for months now, it proved that efforts are being made to get a new fire tender for the Legon station.

In a handing over note by the Greater Accra Regional Commander, DCFO Kwame Kwateng to his deputy whiles the latter was away in the United States of America on a short course, he instructed ACFO Donkor to ?ensure that one of these fire tenders (Freight liner or IVECO) is dispatched to the Legon Fire station pending the repairs of their accident vehicle.?

Though, DCFO Kwateng?s?order was carried out to the extent that an old Freight liner, FS 79 which was formerly used at the Industrial Area Fire station was fixed and sent to the Legon fire station for temporal use; that too broke down within three days.

As evident in the documents, personnel at the Legon Station three days after using the Freight liner, FS 79 detected that the alternator for the fire tender was defective and not charging the battery effectively and since then; the station has been operating without a fire tender.

Reacting to the Wednesday, July 3, 2013 publication of The Al-Hajj in an interview, ACFO P. K. Donkornoted that the allegations that the Greater Accra Regional Commander, DCFO Kwame Kwarteng is harboring four fire tenders whiles the Legon office is struggling for one could not be factual.

According to him ?the four vehicles that those making the allegation were referring?to are water cannons parked at the regional office that supply water to fire tenders on duty? even two of the water cannons have broken down and we are yet to fix them due to financial challenges? the issue of it being used to supply water to people for a fee is simply not true?

?It is not as if we are sitting down and looking on unconcerned whiles the Legon Office is without a fire tender? we gave them a fire tender few days after their fire tender got involved in an accident, but unfortunately it also broke down three days after,? DCFO P K Donkor added.

The Deputy Regional Commander noted that the Legon fire station will soon get a new?fire tender for their operations.


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