President John Evans Atta Mills

“Action and reaction are equal and opposite,” Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

“As a football manager, you have to be held responsible for results, as a player, you have to be held responsible for performances,” Graham Taylor, former England Football Manager.

“If they come for your brother in the morning and you don’t speak up, they will come for you in the evening,” Malcolm X.

All of our leaders have successfully gone through expensive education, oftentimes at the expense of the state. However, that education never went through them. Education must serve a purpose. Education should form character. Education should prepare one to serve humanity. Education should make one humble, tolerant and respectful. Education must give one independence of mind so that one can cogently speak one’s mind. Education must make one discerning so that one can identify the truth from falsehood so that one can always stand by the truth and justice all the time. Education must make one a patriot. Above all, education should put the fear of Allah in the individual.

Sadly enough, all these potent qualities education must serve are missing from the leaders Africa and for that matter Ghana have produced since the black continent attained independence.  Africa and Ghana have produced leaders whose stock-in-trade is bootlicking, bootlegging, sycophancy, deceit, lack of patriotic fervor, plain thievery with criminal minds. The leaders Africa and Ghana have produced are thieves in government houses. How can anybody without criminal mind and occupying a position of trust in government house illegally authorize, approve and pay unprecedented gargantuan monies belonging to the state to individuals and companies who do not have contract with the state and still dare the citizens to a duel of fists and still have the audacity to campaign for the trust of the citizens with impunity? And the citizens tolerate it! This can never happen in the advanced civilized democracies. President Mills’s NDC administration would have been consigned to the garbage bin of history and the members of the entire administration would be doing time in jail. Back in the jungle here, they continue to insult the intelligence of the citizens. That is the reason why Africa and for that matter Ghana are moving towards the stone age at geometric progression while the first world is moving towards the stars at arithmetic progression.

About 55 years ago, the first black country on the African continent was granted independence with a doctor of letters as the leader. Despite his great learning and bounteous exposure, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah prided himself of governing this country with “verandah boys” and “prison graduates”. His autocratic style of governance made it inevitable for a group of soldiers with less formal education than his fuming with self-divined righteous indignation to seize power. Soon after, they handed over power to a university professor, Prof. K.A. Busia. Prof. Busia had so much good intentions but spent too much time trying to preach to a gullible citizen who hardly understood him to such an extent that by the time he had the time to read his second lesson, some rascals of soldiers, led by Lt-Col. Kutu Acheampong, claiming the power of deciding the destiny of the whole nation, overthrew Prof. Busia. Then began a frightening long period of military misrule, misadventure and mismanagement of the affairs of the nation by the renegade soldiers who had overthrown Prof. Busia. Incidentally, these soldiers were persons ill-prepared for such venture. Ironically, these military adventurers were aided by self-seeking highly educated individuals during which period a new word: “kalabule”, an euphemism for an emerging gargantuan corruption, found itself into our national lexicon.

For a brief period after the Acheampong-Akuffo-Rawlings interregnum, another highly educated personality with high level of international exposure, Dr. Hilla Limann, was elected as the new leader of the country. Sadly enough, instead of using the short time fate gave to him to solving the nation’s problems, Dr. Limann was forced to use the short period of time available to him in solving the internecine problems of his party, the PNP. By the time he could wake up to the reality on the ground, some politicians under military pretences who earlier on, ostensibly and unilaterally, had put him under probation, and aided by a coterie of highly educated and half-baked truants with an axe to grind with the successful of the society, assumed the role of self-imposed angels. In the minds of these miscreants, they had the divine right to overthrow those they considered as elected devils.

In an uncharacteristic manner, a “provisional” regime formed thereafter. The PNDC, under the leadership of a lean and hungry looking half-caste, extended its brutal, autocratic, draconian and satanic administration to 11 terrible years before international pressure forced that illegal regime to change its colours- chameleon style- to one with civilian pretences. Flt-Lt and later President Rawlings who headed both the PNDC and NDC regimes always kept alive and in full public view his contempt for democratic rule. Today, this country is governed by a university professor of law, Prof. John Fiifi Atta Mills, who initially and unilaterally was imposed on the NDC by his Godfather, President Rawlings. President Rawlings also used all the powers at his disposal to help Prof. Mills become President of this country.

Soon after falling out with is his Godfather, President Mills has used all the knowledge and authority at his disposal to break all the laws in the statute books dealing with good governance and sanctity of the rule of law. Despite his great learning in law, he and his foul mouthed youth brigade of propaganda communication team have taken every opportunity to chastise respectable individuals and all credible institutions including the judiciary, after losing almost all the cases his administration has brought before the law courts. He has also presided over the most unprecedented gargantuan criminal corruption against the state perpetrated by any known government of this country, be it pre or post independence, by paying over 700 million Ghana cedis of state funds in judgment debts which never existed, mostly to persons and entities who did not have any contract with the state but well connected to his NDC political administration.

President Mills, his deputy Vice-President Mahama and the top hierarchy of his NDC political administration have used foul language, lies, indecent propaganda, hypocrisy, ethnocentrism, tribal sentiment, inferior guerilla tactics, and filthy political patronage to fan the dangerous game of tribal politics to its zenith, all in the attempt to win political advantage and have succeeded in giving politics a very bad name. The NDC hierarchy and its hangers-on are specialists in propaganda and are very adept and have the penchant for telling lies, half truth and the uncanny ability to twist facts and figures to create a non-existing fantasy while also distorting history which could unduly influence the judgment of the uninitiated, non-discerning observer. Once they make up their minds, they close their ears to any intelligent views which happen to be contrary to their own thinking. They thus succeed in making themselves laughing stocks to discerning listeners. Instead of quoting facts, they provide their own interpretation of the facts. A clear example is the various twists pro-NDC commentators have put on Kennedy Ohene Agyapong’s comment.

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By Kwame Gyasi


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