?Action and reaction are equal and opposite,? Newton?s Third Law of Motion.

?As a football manager, you have to be held responsible for results, as a player, you have to be held responsible for performances,? Graham Taylor, former England Football Manager.

?If they come for your brother in the morning and you don?t speak up, they will come for you in the evening,? Malcolm X.

There is one critical ingredient President Rawlings must have found about Prof. Mills, and that is Prof. Mills is not a decision maker. Prof. Mills appears to be somebody who shies away from taking the critical and creative decisions. Such persons are amenable and can easily be manipulated by those around them. President Rawlings definitely must have counted on this basic weakness of Prof. Mills when with one single resolve, he catapulted him into the presidency with the hope that he could get President Mills to do his bidding.

President Rawlings is not a student of history otherwise he would have been more cautious.

Once in power, other powerful forces with selfish interest of their own at variance to that of President Rawlings, the Fanti Confederacy group and the Dzelukope Mafia, surrounded President Mills and annexed his brain.

Prof Mills, who promised to consult President Rawlings 24 hours a day, reneged on his pledge once in power, moved by other powerful tsunami. President Rawlings went into tantrums and new political phraseologies emerged: ?Greedy Bastards?, ?Team B?, ?Mediocrity?, ?FONKAR? etc. Today, every discerning political observer can tell you that even though, de jure, Prof. Mills is the President of Ghana, de facto, the power of the presidency lies somewhere else. Simply put, President Mills is not in control of the affairs of this nation, a very dangerous situation which makes the nation unstable. It is just like a tripod standing on two legs. It requires an ill-wind   like the politics of ethnocentrism and the gargantuan corruption, Woyomegate fashion, Mills-Mahama NDC administration is currently practicing to topple the nation.

The NDC as a political party brings to mind the play titled ?The Witch of Mopti? and written by Dr. Abdallah.  In that play was a village with a well at the centre of the village. Anybody who drank water from that well became mad. Unknown to the villagers, all of them, except the chief of the village, drank water from the well and all of them became mad. Because all the villagers were mad, all of them thought it was their chief who was rather mad.  The chief consulted the oracle and was told the reason for the source of the madness of his subjects. As a lasting solution, the chief of the village decided to drink from the well and in the process he also became mad. Thereafter, all the citizens of the village appeared normal to each other. In the case of the NDC, it was the leadership which first drank from the poisonous well and got mad. To gain the attention of and benefit from the NDC leadership, all the followers also followed suit and drank from the well, resulting in the mass madness. Anybody who joins the NDC also drinks from the poisonous well, resulting in instant madness. This is the source of mad behaviour of insults, vulgar behaviour, violence, terrorism, callousness and ethnocentrism which infest anybody who joins that political party which is the NDC, a political party which was born in illegality and with ?democratization of violence? as a philosophy.

When ex-President Rawlings was showing scant respect to sitting President Kufuor by calling him names like Atta Ayi, it was music in the ears of all the NDC membership and leadership.

The NDC came up with a modern lexicon of its own to interpret every foul effluent of insults which fell out of the mouth of President Rawlings and his cheerleaders against President Kufuor and the other political opponents in order to justify them. Now the Frankenstein monster President Rawlings created has on its own created those foul-mouthed rascals of youngster who have forgotten that it was President Rawlings who made them what and who they are today. While I sincerely believe that President Rawlings deserves the payback insult and treatment he is receiving from the current leadership of the NDC, insulting disrespectful machine, I have also written in this column before that any NDC member who raises his voice against President Rawlings and his wife will certainly receive the wrath of the good Lord for biting the hand that fed him or her.

Now, let me examine the Kennedy Ohene Agyapong phenomenon. Albert Kan-Dappah at one point in time was the Minster of Energy during President Kufuor?s NPP administration. He was getting worried at the amount of petrol consumption by officials who were fuelling their cars at the petrol dump at The Castle. So he came out with a ruling setting limits as to the amount of petrol officials could take. I challenge him in this column that it was not going to work. I used him as an example as to how the petrol attendant could refuse him, Kan-Dapaah, his request for more petrol than the limit he himself had set. This was the time when the government was trying to find a workable formula to set the prices of petroleum products. I wrote in this column providing and explaining a formula of my own. One day, I came to my office to be given a message that Mr. Kan-Dapaah had called for me, left his telephone number behind and asking me to call him back. I thought he wanted to take issues with me about my deviant comment on his direction with regard to the quantum of fuel The Castle officials were entitled to.

I immediately called him.  To my surprise, he told me that the government wanted to establish a new body, the National Petroleum Tender Board (NPTB), to deal with petroleum pricing and other matters connected with petroleum importation, and he wanted to propose my name to President Kufuor as a member of the Board. He felt that I was somebody who would not compromise on the truth. I accepted his offer without a minute?s hesitation, assuring him that I felt it was a national service.  When the NPTB was constituted and inaugurated, one of the members happened to be Kennedy Ohene Agyapong. It was at our first meeting that I first really noticed him. At that first meeting I noticed a legal irregularity.

The Board had been inaugurated by the President without any legal instrument backing it. I pointed out this omission to the other members. The other members saw the wisdom in the point I was making. It was therefore accepted that a representation should be made to the President for it to be rectified. It took four years for that to be done.

When the law was finally enacted, the name of the Board was changed to National |Petroleum Authority (NPA). Then something interesting happened. At that time Mr. Kan-Dapaah was no longer the Minister of Energy. This was still under President Kufuor?s NPP administration. A new membership was constituted for the NPA. Of the old members of the NPTB, one was promoted to the Council of State, another promoted as Deputy Minister of Education while the third was made to revert to his chairmanship of another regulatory body of which he was the chairman while also acting as a member of the NPTB, perhaps to resolve any conflict of interest situation. The rest of the members of the NPTB were appointed as members of the NPA except Ohene Kennedy Agyapong and my good self.  Perhaps, some people in government were not too happy with my writings in this column and the brashness and forthright attitude of Kennedy Ohene Agyapong and decided to show us where power lay.

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By Kwame Gyasi

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