By Kwabena Adu Koranteng
The head pastor of the United Faith Temple of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World incorporated (PAW), Reverend Frank Bible Dugbatse has admonished the United states of America to quickly withdraw the decision on gay marriage or face the deadly wrath of God in the coming days.
UntitledHe said The United States is of America is presently sitting on a time bomb for legalizing homosexuality and lesbianism against the orders and will of God, a situation that always results in a nation facing calamity. .
Speaking in an exclusive interview with this Journalist at the head office of (PAW at Anyaa in Accra, after the celebration of the Church?s Regional youth day, Reverend Dugbatse said the United States of America has become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the 21st century and just as God destroyed the twin cities in those days he would do same to the north American country , should it refuse to rescind its supreme court decision . He said history would soon repeat itself and the leadership role being played by the united states as the super power of the world would elude her and taken over by another emerging power. Besides , the rate of storms, hurricanes and other fire disasters unheard of would pervade the once strong united and strong country because of a decision to deny God who has brought them this far.
?Legalizing homosexuality and lesbianism will not just be threat to the youth but a threat to Christendom. The world is also sitting on a time bomb and heaven will strike at any moment. Yes. I agree that the Bible has predicted it and there is a wakeup call for Christians all over the world to rise and pray as heaven counts the role. The time has come for Christians to rise and speak and preach the truth about this abomination and its consequence on humanity. The Bible says that righteousness exalts a nation, so if the United States has ignored righteousness and gone the path of Lucifer, then they will sink very soon?. He said by the humanist standards, Americans are fighting for their selfish and devilish rights which are against God?s standards and living below the standard of the almighty God is recipe for calamity.
Reverend Dugbatse who is also president of the Pentecostal Assembly of the youth movement (PAYM) further warned the president of Ghana , John Dramani Mahama not to go the way of the United states and legalize the abominable acts else his regime would go through turbulent times and be remembered as the most unsuccessful regime in the history of Ghana .
In a related development the National organizer f the Pentecostal Assembly of the Youth Movement going , Evangelist Michael Mireku in an interview said that the youth of today are on the lookout for some powerful stimulants like alcohol and narcotic drugs to invigorate them and keep them going. These things he said are artificial stimulants which wouldn?t take them anywhere. He therefore urged the youth to rely on the power and strength of the Holy Spirit to free them from their bondage.


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