If you are one of those who believes that survey report released by Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), will not receive any favorable response from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), you will probably be vindicated the moment the report hit the headlines.

CDD-GhanaCurrent survey conducted by CDD which suggested that over 70% of Ghanaians spoken to believe that the country’s economy as it is now, is heading in the wrong direction. However, incumbent party the NDC is not enthused about the findings of the CDD. One of such members of the NDC is private legal practitioner David Annan who is also a member of the NDC legal Subcommittee, describing the latest report by the think tank as “hogwash” and fit for the dustbin.

The obvious livid David Annan who was a guest on Onua Fm political talk show Ghana Dadwen, said “We know where that Institution belongs, they are always releasing reports that are favourable to Nana Addo and the opposition NPP, just to please them but we the NDC have always maintained that we will not accept any phony survey conducted by CDD, we will not, it is hogwash and we (referring to NDC) will not take them seriously”

A finding undertaken by CDD-Ghana has revealed that at least 70 percent of Ghanaians believe the economy of the country is heading in the wrong direction. This however is in sharp contrast with government’s position that the country’s economy is on sound footing. The survey which covered the period of July 2 to 18 and done from a sample size of 2,400 adult Ghanaians cutting across 163 districts and 291 towns and villages, indicated that Ghanaians are worried about their economic conditions which they argue might pose a threat to their existence.

But Lawyer David Annan did not only disagreed with the report, dismissing it as a propaganda tool against the government but also questioned why the report did not state in specifics the districts that the survey were carried out, throwing challenge to CDD-Ghana to tell Ghanaians why they have decided to shelf the details but chose to release what he called half truth report. “What are they hiding, I said what is the CDD hiding that they cannot tell us exactly the districts they have been to, at least all of us in this studio have no idea where and where they have covered, so am asking why, is it not because CDD wants to throw this false report out there to show that nothing is happening”

David Annan posited that nothing will persuade Ghanaians to buy into what he called an agenda by the CDD-Ghana and some media outlets in order to vote for Nana Akuffo Ado on December 7th. The President His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has steered the affairs of this country in the right direction and that is a fact, after the elections people like CDD-Ghana will realize that Ghanaians are well awake and they cannot be deceived by such propaganda report, he said.

Source: Bright Dzakah


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