Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The senators launched the “Mexico against Trump” campaign at the Senate building by putting up a range of signs, including “Mxcontratrump” (Mxagainsttrump), a hashtag that will unite campaigners on social networks.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

“All Mexicans feel attacked by the insults…made against us by the Republican party candidate (Trump),” said Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, coordinator of the parliamentary group for the Party of the Democratic Revolution.

Barbosa Huerta said the campaign will bring together people from the government and the broader society who want to take a stand against abuses in the American political campaign.

He also invited “the American people to reject Trump’s candidacy for the president of the most powerful nation in the world, which would put in jeopardy the stability and peace of our planet.”

Since the start of his campaign, Trump has made aggressive remarks against immigrants, accusing Mexico of sending drug traffickers and rapists to the United States and calling for the construction of a wall all along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Source: Xinhua


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