Hajia Hawawu Gariba BoyaThe Deputy Minister for Women and Children’s Affairs (MOWAC), Hajia Hawawu Boya Gariba is cautioning politicians to reconsider any attempt to either use or draw women and children into politics of violence.

The Deputy Minister said because of the vulnerability of women and children, government is taking the necessary steps to ensure politicians do not abuse the two categories of people as the December general elections approach.

The Minister spoke to Joy News Television after the premiering of a documentary on political violence in Accra.

The documentary was produced by a civil society group, the Ghana Defence Association, to educate Ghanaians on the need for an incident-free poll.

“I have watched the documentary and I am touched by the impact of war on particularly women and children”, the Minister said.

A spokesman for the Association, Kwasi Adu, condemned hate speech and violent tendencies shown by some politicians so far.

He pledged his Association will extend the peace message to greater parts of the country before the December polls.

From: Ghana| Joy News Television


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