Acer portrays a range of desktop/laptop models under different series including Aspire, TravelMate, Aspire TimelineX, Aspire Ethos, etc. to let people experience rich, powerful, and personalized user interface, and stay productive and connected anywhere anytime. Diverse configuration range helps users to decide machine of their choice, and in budget. It gives flexibility in terms of processors- AMD Dual-Core, AMD Quad-Core, Intel Celeron and Intel Core I, memory-4-8GB DDR3 SDRAM, graphics-ATI Radeon HD Graphics, AMD Radeon HD 6520G Graphics and Intel HD Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT Graphics, and ports and connectivity options underscoring the demanding generation.

Today, Acer stands 2nd in terms of notebook markets worldwide and in the timeline it has acquired noted organizations in the computer manufacturing like Gateway, Packard Bell, and eMachines to prove its mettle in multi-branding approach.

It boasts to employ 8,000 people across the globe, and US$15.7 billion in terms of revenue generation as of 2011. The information interprets well the Acer’s popularity, but this also brings subtle challenges and responsibility, as technology is a vulnerable aspect, which can go wrong anytime whether due to mechanical fault, user error, etc. There can be different two types of issues, viz. hardware and software. Responding the trust and faith it has come with Acer aspire support service, which is committed to pull out technological tribulations from your life, according to some terms and conditions.

For a product within the warranty as usual, there won’t be any charges payable from your end, its company the manufacturer, which is responsible to take the ownership of any fault, and repair it with no cost, either for parts or labor, and it will be on-site, means no need to leave your comfort, engineer visit will be there at your home or office.

Just you need to call on Acer Phone Number to schedule an appointment. Beyond the warranty, you have to take the initiative and look for authorized Acer service providers.For software related issues, you can either call the Acer phone number portal or go with the respective developer support site. For instance, for Windows and Office related issues, you can call Microsoft Certified Technicians available at Microsoft or its authorized network. Any software related issues, can be addressed through the secure Internet connection or via phone, when Internet connection is not working. Experts can remotely do all on your machine, as technicians sitting in front of it would do. They can install, activate, update, upgrade, uninstall or repair any software at your behest. You may also seek help regarding the setup and configuration of printers, scanners, all-in-ones, webcams and other devices with Acer machine or network.

Apart from getting hotline support, you can avail of knowledgebase and video tutorials available with online tech support portals to fix frequent intermittent issues. The search feature has been simplified with various support categories related to Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Essentials, Intuit accounting software, Adobe designing software and more. If you are getting error messages, then narrow your search further to reach the destination. Though, paths differ but the goal is one to let you pull off the best performance from Acer Technology.

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