Learning For The Future
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ? ALVIN TOFFLER

Change expert Mark Victor Hansen once commented,? Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Until all are taught.? The ultimate purpose of education is to add knowledge and skills to the individual, so that he can identify and solve problems and to contribute to the good of society.

We are 55 years as an independent nation. We have more than enough of human and natural resources in this country, yet we are still struggling with many developmental challenges. There is mass poverty in this country. Some towns and villages do not have electricity, good drinking water, schools, health facilities etc.

Our educational system is partly to blame for this state of affairs. Our institutions of higher learning continue to churn out people who are predominantly consumers rather than producers. Most of our people lack problem solving skills.

Rote learning
Our colonial masters bequeathed to us an educational system that was rote based. Teachers talk and students listen and take down notes which they learn by repetition. Students are branded brilliant when they are able to recall what they have learnt during examinations. The disadvantage of rote learning is summed up in the clich?: ? Chew, pour, pass, and forget.?

Transformational learning
We need to shift from a system that places emphasis on memorization to one that encourages transformation. Transformational learning induces the student to discover things for himself. It encourages independent thinking, self direction, self motivation, self learning, critical and problem solving skills.

Transformational learning encourages the student to be receptive to new ideas, to experiment, to act on what he knows, to apply his knowledge and skills to solve problems.

Rote learning is very limited in the sense that what is learned in one area can hardly be applied to another area. Creativity, critical thinking and problem solving are the main trusts of transformational learning. Bill Gates could not have designed Microsoft with rote learning.

Gillette could not have developed the razor blade with rote learning. When we learn we should learn for the future. We should be able to contact revelation and use our knowledge to address the numerous challenges facing us as a human family.

In conclusion, we should de-emphasize rote learning and instead encourage transformational learning. Motivational experts Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen said it so well when they said, ?The main goal of transformational learning is to cause you to experience ?ahas.? An aha is when your awareness expands-when you ?get it.? The lights go on and you say to yourself, ‘Aha!? I hope the authorities are listening.

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