If we calmly sit and watch the water in a pond or lake, we can appreciate the several species of fishes swimming hither and thither, moving fast, chasing the prey or running away from the predator etc., in the pond or lake.? If there is sunshine when we watch the water, the life and the activities of many other aquatic animals also can be seen well in the water.? None of these animals when they move or run or chase, makes the water to become turbid.? In turbid water, these animals, especially the fishes cannot even breathe and the case of other animals may not be any way different from that of fishes.?


Perhaps, knowing the above, most of the aquatic animals never cause the water in which they live, turbid or murky.? All aquatic animals can live healthy only in clear water.? Only when the water is clear, these animals can see their prey also.? Ironically, the prey also can see their predator easily only when the water is clear.?? The management message for the corporate, especially to the HR function, is very clear.?


No aquatic animal can ever afford to or will make the water in which they live, turbid as it would affect their very habitat and survival.? Hence, they conduct themselves carefully so as to keep the water as clear as possible without causing ?turbidity?. This is the first and the foremost management rule, all the aquatic animals follow in general.


But quite contrary to the above, the corporate employees in general, seriously engage in creating confusion, confrontation and chaos, resulting in the corporate ecosystem to become ?turbid? ?hostile? and ?inhospitable? both for themselves and for others to work.?


By causing limited turbidity, in fact, the fishes and other aquatic animals can take the advantage of turbid water to conceal their identity both from their prey and as well as from the predators.? ?But they never adopt or resort to such approach as what is ?limited? or ?allowed? level turbidity always differ from one animal to another.? Let the habitat be ?clear? and ?transparent? and how to save the life from the predator or kill/catch the prey, smart approach of each animal should guide is the philosophy, all aquatic animals follow in nature.


This management essence, the corporate people must learn from the aquatic animals that live in a small pond or lake.? ?Only when there is a threat, the aquatic animals cause turbidity? just to conceal their presence.? But they never cause other way round to live.? But the corporate people in general make the corporate habitat ?as muddled as possible?, ?as difficult and torturous place as possible, ?as hopeless as possible? for themselves and others.?


The corporate trainers must learn the different aspects of nature, evolution and behaviour of animals and plants and must impart the sacred knowledge of nature to the employees to know how they should participate in building the culture and values of the organization.?


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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