leah-messer-calvert-financial-trouble-teen-mom-2In an exclusive interview with?In Touch, Teen Mom 2?star Leah Messer-Calvert confesses that she and her family are struggling to pay astronomical medical bills to help her 4-year-old daughter, Ali.

?It?s stressful because insurance doesn?t cover the whole cost. One bill alone was $20,000,? Leah tells?In Touch?of her daughter?s?treatment for an extremely rare and incurable?form of muscular dystrophy.

Leah, her current husband, Jeremy Calvert, and Ali?s father, Corey Simms, are helping defray the costs. Leah tells the mag she briefly took a job at a tanning salon, despite the fact that she?s also caring for Ali?s twin, Aleeah, and daughter Adalynn, 17 months.

But although the family is facing hard times, Leah prefers to focus on the positive: her daughter?s boundless intelligence. ?She uses big words ? like ?optimistic? and ?challenging? ? sometimes things I wouldn?t even think to say,? Leah explains to?In Touch. ?Ali is really smart and she?s well aware of her disease, but she doesn?t let it burden her.?



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