by Justice Lee Adoboe

ACCRA, Nov. 6 (Xinhua)– Ghana?s foremost medical research center, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) of the University of Ghana, Legon, and the Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine have confirmed here on Tuesday their tests into a herbal preparation had produced positive result at the in-vitro stage as potential cure for the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The preparation named COA-Drug being researched into over the last six years by the Center Of Awareness (COA), according to senior lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Allied Health, Nicholas Israel Trebi had been taken through the first step in which the HIV virus used was highly active, and the preparation proved highly potent.

?At six hours the drug produced ?two logarithms? of reduction in the activity of the HIV virus in the cell, while showing no adverse effect against cellular DNA,?? Trebi emphasized.

He continued that between 1994, when the first HIV/AIDS infection was noticed ?in Ghana and the time the first anti-retroviral drugs were brought into the country, patients were mostly sustained on herbal preparations, and so the hope that cure for the dreaded disease could come from herbs was not misplaced.

Displaying the full result carried out by Jacob Samson Barnor, ?one of the senior research fellows at NMIMR,? Trebi? the test? was fit to be called a potential drug to cure HIV/AIDS, pending the In-vivo (test on animals) and the test on humans, before the World Health Organization (WHO) can give it its blessing.

?For now let us treat is just as a potential drug for curing the disease, nothing is final yet, he concluded.

The Director for the Center Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, Prof Dominic Edoh, said beside its potency against HIV/AIDS, the preparation had also proven efficacious against hypoglycemic conditions.

According to him, a 10 ml dose administered to treat such conditions proved more effective than most diabetic drugs being administered.

He however cautioned that since the drug was still under test, no concrete claims must be made yet until everything comes out clean.

Directior for COA, Samuel Ato Duncan said the most challenging need of the center now was financing, as it was very expensive for the center to get this far, spending over 650,000 Ghana cedis or 342,105 US dollars.

He insisted that he could not make any other claims about the drug until all tests produced positive results bringing it into international limelight.

?We need to protect the integrity of our Ghanaian scientists and institutions,? he explained.? Enditem.

Source: Justice Lee Adoboe


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