Lawyers for the jailed ‘Montie three’ have stated their intention to petition President John Mahama over their clients’ four-month custodial sentence.


Host of Montie FM’s political talk show ‘Pampaso’ Salifu Maase, popularly known as Mugabe, and two panelists, Alistair Nelson, and Godwin Ako Gunn both of the National Democratic Congress were jailed four months by the Supreme Court on Wednesday after they threatened to kill judges sitting on the Voters’ register case.

Owners of the station were also found guilty of contempt and have been fined GHc30, 000, to be paid to the court by close of day Thursday or face a jail term of one month.

But Lawyers for the trio, Nana Ato Dadzie and George Loh in a statement described the sentence by the apex court as “harsh and excessive.”

“As solicitors we accept the decision of the august court. We do admit some of the statements uttered by some of our clients are unacceptable. We nevertheless consider custodial sentence of four months imposed by the Supreme Court as being excessive and harsh.

“We also do not believe that citizens of Ghana ought to be committed to prison for infractions on free expression especially in light of the repeal of the criminal libel law.

“Our clients have directed us in the circumstances to petition His Excellency the President of the Republic to exercise his powers of prerogative of mercy under Article 72 of the Constitution of Ghana.

The action by the court has been met with mixed reactions, while members of the opposition New Patriotic Party have hailed the sentence, members of the ruling National Democratic Congress have condemned it.

In a statement, the Chairman of the NDC, Kofi Protuphy described the sentence as “harsh and shocking.”

“While respecting the verdict of the court and reiterating our condemnation of the utterances and comments made by the three, the party is extremely disappointed and saddened by the severity and harshness of the punishments imposed on them.

“Our utter disappointment not only stems from the fact that the accused persons themselves, demonstrated considerable remorse but also there has been an overwhelming outpouring of both condemnation of their conduct and pleas for the court to be lenient in its judgment and avoid custodial sentence,” Mr. Portuphy said in a statement in solidarity with the trio.

Source: Ghana/ Welsing


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