Constitutional lawyer Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa who got a court injunction barring the Lagos state government from collecting levies at the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge has cried out against a plot to assasinate him.
The lawyer recounted his ordeal with assasins in a statement made available to newsmen.
On Monday, April 14, 2014, at about 3a.m, armed men stormed my house, at Plots 1-3, Ebun- Olu Adegbouruwa Lane, Itedo, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. They were about eight of them in number. They were well armed with short guns. They scaled through my fence, tied my security man and my driver, at my gatehouse. They asked if the compound belonged to Adegboruwa, if Adegboruwa had a mobile police guard, if Adegboruwa lived alone or had tenants, and whether my neighbour had policemen on patrol.
They then started to demolish my window burglaries, they scaled upstairs to my terrace, to break into my living room upstairs, by which time I had already called for help, from the neighbours and from the police. They then tried to gain entrance into my kitchen downstairs, without success.
They then descended upon my security man and driver, beat them up mercilessly and started uprooting my burglary with the heavy instruments that they brought. It was at this point that the police arrived, but the police could not gain entrance into my compound, because my security man had been tied. I saw the armed men myself from my location upstairs. They looked very mean and determined, possibly not the usual armed robbers after material things.
I do believe that this was an assassination attempt upon my life, by the enemies of the people of the masses of Nigeria, and in particular the good people of Lagos State, in the Lekki- Ajah axis. One of my neighbours has since confirmed that he actually saw a car that dropped off these armed men around my fence at about2a.m. They were sent on specific instructions.


Nigerians will recall that on March 27, 2014, the Federal High Court, Lagos, delivered judgement in my case with Lagos State to the extent that collection of toll fee on the Lekki Ikoyi bridge is illegal. It was just yesterday, Monday April 14, 2014, that I argued against the request by Lagos State, to stay the execution of the said judgment.
Thus, this is just a case of the witch cried yesterday and the child died today.
I believe that those who have vested interests in the continued collection of the illegal toll fee are at the bottom of this assassination attempt, as a way of discouraging me or stopping my legitimate struggle against illegality, oppression and all undemocratic tendencies of our governments. I will not give up on this struggle, no matter the intimidation and harassment, that I may face. It is a cause that cannot be stopped.
Consequently, I call on Nigerians to hold the Lagos State Government and all those who have vested interests in the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge toll fee, responsible for any harm that may come my way.
Our government must be open to legitimate opposition and transparency in their affairs. It is not by attempting to snuff the life out of people, that government will escape its statutory accountability to the people. My life is in the hands of God, therefore I do not fear what man can do to me. I know that ultimately, those who are now after my life, will one day face the Supreme Court of God, where they will have to account for all their misdeeds, including their corruption and misgovernance.
This struggle will continue, because I know that victory is certain, through God.
Thank you all.
Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Esq.


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