Mr Rahul Kumar Singh (second left) and Mr Saurabh Verma (third left) other two other Lava officers performing the launch

Lava, the fastest growing Indian mobile phone company has launched its operations in Ghana with a promise to deliver valuable and reliable yet affordable mobile technology to the market and community.

Lava’s entrance into the Ghanaian market follows a successful entry into the African mobile market through Egypt.


The launched feature phones for the mass market through Champion Series (C1, A1, N1) and smartphones through Z series (Z81 2GB, Z81 3GB) and Iris 51.

Mr Rahul Kumar Singh, Country Manager, Lava Technologies, and Mr Saurabh Verma, Executive Director, Lava Technologies, jointly performed the launch of the entry of Lava phones into the Ghanaian market in Accra.

Mr Singh said Lava was banking on price and quality as its competitive edge in the market.

He said the Ghanaian market like other African countries, had a great potential for the mobile phones market.

He said plans were underway to enter other African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ethiopia and Morocco.

He noted that, they had one-year warranty for their mobile phone products.

Mr Verma said Lava Technologies offers high quality and affordable phones for the market.

He said Lava Technologies was hopeful that by the year 2020, they would be taking 20 per cent of the Ghanaian mobile phone market.

He said, he had the full confidence that as people began to use Lava phones their confidence level would boost up; hence, they would become their brand ambassadors.

On his part, Vikram Singh Parmar, CEO for Lava Africa, said: “The vision of Lava is to make valuable technology accessible to people and empower them to do more and be more… In the last nine years, we have travelled this journey of making this possible and today, we can promise the most trustworthy products and the most reliable user experience to our customers.”

Since its inception in 2009, Lava has grown to become the fourth largest mobile phone brand in India with established operations and leading presence in major emerging markets including India, Middle East (United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Indonesia and Mexico, Egypt and Sudan.

Unlike many manufacturers who outsource the production of their products, Lava has Research and Development Centres and manufacturing units based in India, that produces highly reliable products and services.

To date, Lava has sold over 85 million handsets globally.

With over 30 million handsets sold annually, Lava is increasing its market share in every market they operate in.

LAVA has also established a partnership with I2, who would be taking up distribution of the company’s phones in Ghana.

I2 is looking at using both online and offline channels to help LAVA to penetrate the market in Ghana against incumbents already in the market.

Indian companies have demonstrated their dominance in the field of technology in the last two decades and have evolved their ecosystem in a way that they are now positioned to deliver some of the most advanced and high-quality technological products to the world.

Today, India is the second largest source of computer software in the world after the United States.

About 40 per cent of the software used today in mobile phones are being developed in India.

India is the source of programmers and engineers that make up the largest companies in the US Silicon Valley, with more than 300,000 engineers and programmers that own 750 companies with some of the leading Software as well hardware companies having Indians being the CEO of businesses like Google, Microsoft, Adobe and Nokia.

Ghana today stands at a point where the economy will receive a positive boost from not only a mutually beneficial trade and intellectual exchange but also employment generation with the onset of operations of such technologically advanced global brands.


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