Lauryn Hill knows how to say sorry. After being forced to postpone what would be her first show in Lagos, Nigeria, the singer posted on Facebook over the weekend an apology video of her performing an acoustic version of her hit ?Doo Wop (That Thing)?.

The video starts with Hill, sitting in a couch in her living toom donning a black top and a dark-colored hat, explaining why she couldn?t make it to Lagos. ?Hello Lagos. Listen, we?re very sorry we couldn?t be there with you tonight. We were at the airport for seven hours yesterday trying to get to you,? she says.

?But we?re gonna make it there, we?re gonna get there. We wish everyone a wonderful evening, and we?re gonna leave you with this,? she continues before playing her guitar and singing the track while joined by her background singers and 7-year-old daughter Sarah Marley.

Hill gave further explanation about how her Lagos concert ended up getting delayed in a message posted on her . ?From our end, we did everything we were supposed to do, including waiting at the airport for many hours, ready to fly out and share the evening with you,? she wrote. ?Unfortunately, after much effort, the promoter was not able to get all of our travel arrangements taken care of.?

?This prevented us from being able to fly into Nigeria in time to make the concert. We were all very excited to come, and very disappointed that we couldn?t make this one,? she added and assured her fans in Nigeria that the concert would definitely be rescheduled ?ASAP.?



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