Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger fell foul of a primate prank on TV show ‘I’m Spazticus’, on which she backed a fake campaign against monkey arms being grafted onto amputees.


The former ‘Only Way is Essex’ beauty fell foul of the primate prank on new Channel 4 show ‘I’m Spazticus’, which stars disabled practical jokers, along with ‘X Factor’ reject Frankie Cocozza and former ‘Big Brother’ housemate Brian Belo.

The trio filmed a ‘No to Monkey Arm’ campaign advert against fake organisation Limbs Made From Animal Origin – LMFAO, which is also an internet slang term meaning “laugh my f***ing ass off” – and were told the monkey arms were being used because they were cheaper than prosthetics.

In the clip Lauren says nobody will “make a monkey out of me” and admits she is “gutted” there are lots of primates walking around the jungle with one arm.

She says: “I couldn’t imagine trying to put on lipstick, lipliner, lip gloss, foundation, concealer, fake tan, blusher, mascara, eyebrow liner or anything else if I had a monkey’s arm.

“That would drive any girl ape.

“Another result of this growing problem is that there are jungles full of one-armed monkeys. Gutted.”

Introducing the trick, presenter Kelly Know says: “Millions of monkeys are slaughtered and disabled people are left with smelly and over-long arms. That’s why I have called in some of the UK’s most influential celebrities to campaign against this barbaric practice.”

When filming finished Lauren was told she had been tricked and despite her embarrassment, she admitted it would make viewers chuckle.

She told The Sun newspaper: “I got pranked good and proper! At least it will give people a laugh.”

‘I’m Spazticus’ starts tonight (14.08.13) on Channel 4 at 10:50pm.



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