hair show
hair show

On Thursday, Couture Top Hair Launched their store at the Accra Mall with a blast and a lot of noise. Not much to critique but somewhere along the line we republished an article that described what we believed would be an Avant Garde show, which excited to see such a thing in Ghana as it possibly could be the first. Not sure if that fault came from the editor, the promoter, the organisers or the store owners, but what was shown was not Avant Garde Hair show, simply put, it was a weave show.

Nevertheless, the selection of models was quite decent, a little bit more refreshing and getting there. The atmosphere built up nicely. Although what we lovd the most and gave us something to give back to you fashionistas was the great garment by the designers. Lovely casual and funky pieces from Pearls & Diamonds (that follow after the vests), beautiful dresses from Ruby?s Wedding although only 3 garments, and Ivana Elle Couture?s garments simply blew us away. Although we didn?t get into much of the detail as usual as we tried to maintain focus on the hair. All in the video below, Enjoy.



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