[OMG!Ghana] Commemorating the first anniversary of the late Prez of Ghana, his then Vice-Prez Mahama has shared his last memories of Mills.

wpid-Atta-Mills2?The last time I saw and spoke with late Prez Mills was on his birthday 21st july, 2012 when I went to wish him well after my return from USA. I parted with him that day and was hopeful to meet him at work on Monday.

On Monday i went to work but Prof did not come.

On Tuesday when I went to the office I got a note from Prof to go represent him at the launch of the Brand Ghana programme. I left for the programme hoping to come early to see Prof who was unwell. After the program I had some visitors waiting to be attended to thus Obasanjo nd his delegation.

Later, I got the news that Prof had been rushed to the 37 military hospital and his condition was worse. I went there and Prof left us unfortunately and sadly.

So the last time i chatted with him not knowing it was the last time bidding goodbye was Saturday, 21st july, 2012 thus his 68th b?day @ the castle.?


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