Jordan Anagblah died in June this year

The family of the former Vice President of the Ghana Football Association Jordan Anagblah is at loggerheads with the wife concerning the ownership of the property the late football administrator left behind. investigations has revealed that the wife Mrs. Agatha Anagblah, has been forced under the prevailing circumstances to head to the law courts to protect the leftover her departed husband bequeathed her.

Our investigations has revealed that ever since the demise of Mr. Anagblah, his immediate family has been harassing the wife in an attempt to gain control of the property he left behind without looking at the interest of the wife and children he left behind.

Anagblah had three children with Agatha, Eyeram, Elikem and Edinam Anagblah with the eldest being seven and the youngest four months old.

The late Mr. Anagblah?s family have made an attempt to gain control of the insurance policy he bought for the children which has Mrs. Anagblah as the trustee and which is expected to cater for their education up to the university level and beyond.

Mrs. Anagblah has gone to the Human Rights Court in Accra on this issue and others that Mr. Anagblah?s family is demanding.

The Court is expected to sit on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 and this comes in the wake of the first hearing on Thursday, August 30, 2012 with both sides eager to argue out their case.

This appears to be a fight both sides seems determined to win and it once again highlights the issue of how widows are treated in Ghana in the aftermath of the departing of their husbands especially so if they left some valuable amount of property behind.

When alive, Mr. Anagblah won many battles as a football administrator, and it seems his insight might be required to solve this ensuing problem between the wife and his immediate family even from the spirit world.

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