The process to relocate floods victims, who were accommodated at Ubungo Maziwa and Mgulani JKT temporary camps in Dar es Salaam, was completed yesterday. At total of 256 households relocated at ago and each has been given a surveyed plot at Mabwepande area.

Co-ordinator of the relocation programme, Gaudence Nyamwihura, said in an interview that generally the exercise has been successful by 90 per cent.

“A total number of 2,276 have now found shelters here at Mabwepande and every household gets cooking stuff, food service for three to four days as they get used to new life here,” he said.

According to him, the government is digging water wells and soon the water pumps would be supplied with power from the Tanesco supply network whose installation is in progress in the area.

For her part, Secretary of the disaster squad, Amina Mwalimu, said every single shelter built at Mabwepande for the victims accommodates 5 to 7 people. However, an independent survey by this correspondent discovered that there more people in each tent.

In the meantime, a victim identified as Rashid Salum from Ubungo Maziwa camp complained that he had not been given a shelter despite being assigned a verification number.

Source The Guardian


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