Lassa fever kills 23 in Benin

An lassa fever outbreak has claimed the lives of 23 people out of 68 suspected cases in less than one month in Benin, a Health Ministry official said Tuesday.


“From January 21 to February 13, 68 cases have been recorded and 23 deaths reported”, public health national director Yorou Chabi Orou Bagou told Xinhua.

Rift Valley Fever
Benin health authorities were alerted in January when a pregnant woman showed signs of the disease died at Tchaourou’ St Martin de Papane hospital.

Besides, six health workers were recorded with similar symptoms in the same hospital-center located in the north-eastern part of the country.

Faced with the scale of the epidemic, the government of Benin has stepped up emergency measures.

These include the setting up of quarantine units in affected areas for isolation and care provision to victims, the establishment of tracing system to find people exposed to the disease and the mobilization of about 200 health workers over the country.

Further, ribavirin medicine considered effective against the disease is made available in affected regions in Benin and Cotonou, the capital city of the West African country. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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