If you have grown tired of suffering burns, nicks, and bumps in your struggles to remove hairs that keep growing back, or if you have had enough of waxing, tweezing, and shaving over and over again, you might want to consider laser hair removal as a permanent solution to your unwanted hair problems.

Laser hair removal is a medical technique where highly focused light rays are shone on hair follicles, penetrating them in the process. Pigments within the hair follicles absorb the focused lights and as a result, the hair inside the follicles are then destroyed. After botox injections, removing hair through laser surgery is the most frequently employed cosmetic surgery technique in the United States, and it is easy to see why: there are a number of benefits to the procedure.

Lasers are very handy for procedures of unwanted hair removal; they can be used to remove such hairs from the bikini line, beneath the arms, the arms themselves, the face, and the legs.

They can also be used to great effect in a number of other areas where it can be problematic or uncomfortable to have unsightly hairs.

Precision is one of the most frequently touted benefits of removing hairs through laser surgery. Lasers can be aimed very precisely, which means they can be used to target the coarse, thick, dark hairs that give people so much trouble while doing nothing to the skin that surrounds the unpleasant hairs.

Another frequently appreciated benefit of using laser surgery for hair removal is the speed of the process. It only takes a fraction of a second to pulse the laser in a way that will get rid of an individual hair, and a single laser pulse is capable of getting rid of a number of hairs at the same time.

Imagine an area of hair and skin the size of a quarter. This is the size that can be treated per second via the pulse of a laser. The upper lip is an example of a smaller area that can take less than one minute to treat. On the other hand, the legs or the back may take much longer, and in some cases an hour or more.

A third advantage of laser hair removal is that it is a predictable and reliable process. Ninety out of every hundred patients who use lasers to correct their hair growth will not face a regrowth of undesired and treated hair after they have gone in for between three and five hair removal sessions, on average.

The procedure is painless and relatively simple. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you should avoid exposure to the sun for around a month and a half before and after the laser treatment; solar exposure increases your risk of facing complications once the procedure is done and it also makes the procedure less effective. When you have the procedure, you will wear special goggles to protect your vision and you will simply lie down and let the technician do his or her work.

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